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The oak9 Dashboard

Written by oak9
November 15, 2021

At oak9, we believe in making security and compliance easier and more accessible for developers. Our dashboard is at the forefront of this revolution. This dashboard helps our customers visualize and interpret security and compliance for the organization as well, as individual projects. It’s as straightforward as these 4 visualizations that give meaningful insights into your cloud security:

1. Total Design gaps: Below you will see a simple bar graph with 4 bars showing the total number of design gaps for each severity (Critical, High, Moderate, Low). If you click on the arrow on the top right corner of the card, you will see your design gaps filtered by individual projects and by severity.

2. Resources: Here, you can see the total resources on an Enterprise Level. If you flip this card, you can view the total number of resources by Project. Just like the Total Design Gaps, you will see a simple bar graph with 6 scrollable bars showing at one time. Hovering over a particular bar will show you the name of the project and the number of resources.

3. Compliance Frameworks: Here you will see a heat map that shows how compliant your projects are. When you hover over a box, you can see the number of compliance framework met out of the total. If you click on a compliance name, you will see all the projects with that compliance framework. Severity is represented from red for critical to grey for low criticality, so colors are based on the highest severity attached to the Compliance Framework.

4. Design Gap Trends: In the picture below, you can see design gap trends by severity over a period of 2 months. Hover over a part of a line to see the date for that point and the number of design gaps.

Also, if you want a customized view for a particular project, all you must do is select your desired project from the dropdown. Now, your dashboard view will present you with all the information for your selected project.

This dashboard ensures developers aren’t slowed down but empowered to share in the ownership of product security. Security teams are enabled to become true strategic partners in product development and design. And executives have peace of mind knowing products can be delivered faster and more securely.

For a more comprehensive understanding of our dashboard and how it relates to your use case, drop us a line at