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Security Compliance Frameworks

Written by oak9
December 14, 2021

Security compliance frameworks provide a set of guidelines and requirements on securing business applications, processes as well as the people involved in these processes.

Each compliance framework is unique and concentrates on different business needs and security objectives. Popular ones are NIST, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS and many more as seen in the below image.

oak9 offers out-of-the-box security compliance through our security blueprints that change dynamically for each business use-case.

This helps developers to accelerate and work with higher efficiency without worrying about compliance. oak9 checks for security gaps in your Infrastructure-as-Code and recommends fixes to adhere with all your compliance needs.

In this second image above, we are showing what oak9 security requirements these resources are failing to meet (or identified design gaps) and what compliance frameworks are mapped to this requirement. If you expand these, you will get more details like impact and fix.

Security compliance frameworks by oak9 ensure you are secure and compliant by design, no matter what industry you are in. oak9 does the heavy lifting, so security and compliance is made easier for developers.

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