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Workflow Integrations: Jira and ServiceNow

Written by oak9
September 14, 2021

Here at oak9 our goal has always been to empower developers and provide security insights where developers work. In keeping with that goal, you can now integrate oak9 with ServiceNow and Jira.

Providing design gaps or security insights isn’t helpful if relevant team members aren’t notified. By enabling your team to receive these automated updates in your existing workflow tools, these integrations ensure that your application infrastructure will be as secure as possible without slowing down your development team or allowing security issues to slip through the cracks.

Using oak9’s integration with ServiceNow and Jira, you have the option to automatically sync design gaps of certain priorities directly into your development process. With a couple clicks, you will be able to notify your team of issues without any manual steps. See how to set up your integration here:

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